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FQB Private Parties*

Everyone knows that it's no fun sewing alone!

Invite the Bee to come and be the entertainment the next time you and your friends gather to sew.  We are different than your average quilt shop in that we bring the shop to you!  You and your friends will enjoy an afternoon of shopping for bee-utiful fabric on our truck in the comfort of your own backyard (or wherever the Bee is parked)!

*COVID-19 guidlines apply!

There is no charge to have the Bee come to your home for a shopping party, however, there are a few quidelines to follow:

* We are following all COVID-19 guidelines set by local & state governments.

* We would like to keep the minimum number of guests to 10.

* The furthest distance we would like to  travel is within 25 miles of Nashua, NH, our home base.

* We can provide 3 tables with seating for 6.

* While people confuse us with being a food truck, we are not licensed to serve food or drinks.  It's your party, so the food and drink is on you.

* A parking space the minimum of 2 car lengths is required to park the Bee.

* We don't like to come empty handed so we always bring our hostess a little gift of thanks.

* As hostess you will also receive a discount on your fabric purchase based on your party sales!

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