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Meet the Beekeepers


Patty Whitman

My love of sewing was instilled in me at a very young age growing up in a family of seamstresses.  My Grandmothers Clara and Esperanza worked at De Pinna (which was primarily a men's shop located on 5th Avenue) in the garment district of NYC during the Great Depression.  Much of the “holiday best” clothing that I wore during my elementary years was hand made with love by my grandmothers as well as several maternity dresses that I wore when I started my family almost 30 years ago!  The sewing machines I use, Singer 401A, were handed down to me at the passing of  Clara, Esperanza and my mother Eugenia.  I find that whenever I sew on my Singers I think most often about my family and close friends.  I call it my therapy, and it doesn't cost me a penny!  I was introduced to quilting by my BFF Pattie several years ago when our children were in high school together.  Quilting rekindled my love of sewing and the fellowship which is the natural  by-product of quilting together with friends. It was only natural that I would turn my passion for sewing into a business which would enable me to share that love with other kindred spirits.  Please come visit our mobile boutique soon so that we can make that connection and pass the torch to the next generation.  I know Clara, Esperanza and Genie would be very hap-bee indeed!


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